Anti Bird Nets

We often come across issues which is dirtying open balconies, Pigeons/Birds dirt at your place and fly to other place, Without killing or hurting them we will give solution to avoid pigeons or birds.

Anti Pigeon Nets are specially made to resist & keep all bird and pigeons away from your balconies & open places

  • Our Anti Bird Nets material which we use can withstand up-to 8 years
  • These  materials are temperature resistant & rest free
  • These Anti Bird Nets materials will come in transparent & color modes

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We often confront many problems with Birds, like pigeons in our places like in our houses, Apartments, Factories, Hotels, Hospitals etc. some times, it happens, we can find birds entering from plumbing ducts, ventilators and find suitable place for nesting on the shajjas and pipes.

Birds lay eggs by nesting in places, mentioned above which cannot be accessed. We find Birds/pigeons droppings in these places which cannot be cleaned easily and stinks like anything.

Sometimes, birds like pigeons and other birds die in these places causing presence of different insects which becomes dangerous to us. We succeed in making special transparent nets which is permanent solution to get rid of the menace caused by these Birds/pigeons without hurting or killing them. These can be installed at balconies & windows.

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