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Company Proprietor

Devadanam Ganagalla

Your Safety Is Our Moto

Ganagalla enterprises is started by netting industry experts called Mr Devadanam, who has more than 10years of experience in safety netting service. Ganagalla enterprises is one of the leading companies providing rare nets along with intensive services. Safety is essential elements when it comes to the high rise buildings like construction sites, office buildings, sports arena, apartments and shopping malls.

Ganagalla enterprises is a nets service organization for different sectors like industrial, commercial and domestic aspects. These nets are designed to safeguard people arrest falling or flying by limiting the distance they fill this products are especially wicker by our skilled technicians, who bench to guarantee quality product reach clients we have 100% happy customers for best service in Bangalore and bea a favourable for all sectors of safety nets of our clients.


We are committed to provide a high quality service at affordable prices, and also support our clients in tune with the quality objectives and values


To exceed our customers with innovative and be spoken assurance testing and inspection and certification service for their operation and supply chain globally. 24/7.pap